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Kennedy has been lied to all her life - most noticeably by her parents, and as a result has been experimented on, among other things. Now she’s among the were-lynxes. Being a were-lynx herself, one would think it would be home to her.

Andy McNeilly is in a bit of a bind. Namely, she is forced to serve a vampire she hates, by the side of a werewolf she wants while also thinking about a certain were-leopard. Oh, and yeah, she is a shifter with more than one form and quite a few voices in her head to go along with them.

The Bionics (Bionics #1)

NEW ADULT/SCI-FI:  The beginning of the 41st century brings to America nuclear war and incredible technology enabling replacement of any part of the human body with bionics.

Clearer in the Night

NEW ADULT/PARANORMAL:  “Clearer in the Night” takes place in the small town of Meredith Falls.  Cait has lost her place in life after the tragic deaths of her father and sister.

“Voodoo Butterfly” opens with twenty-year-old Sophia examining a box of oddities on the day of her mother’s funeral. Her hope is that someone from her past will show up at the funeral and explain the enigmatic woman who gave her life, but no one comes.