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PIRATES:  The love of Cadha de Witt's young life has not returned home with his ship, and she wants nothing more than to find him.

Steelheart: De Lohr Dynasty
Le Veque

MEDIEVAL:  It’s 1192 A.D. and David De Lohr has just returned to England from the Crusades to find his home is not as safe as it was when he’d left it.

Determined to live a life of celibacy and holiness to make up for past sins, Lady Kirstin MacNeacail has taken religious vows at the abbey on the Isle of Skye.

When Stormy Gregory’s best friend gives her a way out of her abusive relationship, she takes her up on her offer of a place to live at a shelter for abused women.

With her dead husband’s mother still blaming her for his death, Elizabeth Farefield decides to take a break and rethink with a cruise to the Caribbean.