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Elle Gates is not exactly the fragile human she appears to be. Although she is a writer, she is also an intense fighter. She did survive being stabbed by an Earthbound dagger and being possessed by a demon, after all. Her father could prove to be her biggest problem if he given the chance.

CROSS GENRE/POLITICAL DRAMA:  Leilani Torres grew up in Costa Mora and fleeing the country at the age of nine forever left its mark.

REGENCY:  Faith Baxendale was in the market for a husband, and while many suitors sought her attentions, few met her high standards. Those standards demanded someone who intrigued her, made her smile, and could love her, as she wanted to love and be loved. 

Running Home

Jenny Fillmore and Adam Hamilton were childhood sweethearts before Adam broke Jennys heart when he left to play professional baseball.

Pride and Proposals

Darcy is on the cusp of asking Elizabeth Bennett to marry him when he finds that his cousin has beaten him to it. Heartbroken, Darcy takes his sister Georgina to America.