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My Noble Knight

Layne Fletcher is proficient with a sword, at jousting, and traveling with her brothers to tournaments to win enough money to buy their own farm. However, when her brother is found unconscious before a match, she takes his place on the field.

The Duke of Wulfecrest is dying and is determined to see that his children are raised in a loving home until his son reaches his majority and can assume the responsibilities of his title.

DARK FANTASY:  He has no name. He is known only as The Hunter. Immortal, near impossible to kill and even more impossible to escape once you are his prey, The Hunter’s unique skills can be had for the right price.

Bride by the Book

Angie Brownwood needed to find many things - a career, a life, and possibly a man. However, she knew that if she didn't make a change none of her needs would be met.

Meara Quinn is a changed girl. Leaving everything behind - home, boyfriend, former life - to follow her dad, she embarked on a new adventure of self-discovery and healing.