Recent Reviews

FANTASY:  Author Fate Floyd discovers a world of fantasy when she is transported to a magical realm where a book of fables comes to life and she must rewrite the endings of eight stories in order to save herself.

The Lady of the Garter

Lady Elena of Warwickshire disguises herself as a squire in hopes of becoming a knight, and to get closer to the man she loves. Unsure if she still exists in Sir James of Somerset's heart, she is determined to find out even at the current risk she is clearly taking.

Software developer Abby Strickland’s world turns upside down when she receives an inheritance of sterling silver. When the silver cake server she just sold is used as a murder weapon, she’s suspected of being the perpetrator based solely on circumstantial evidence.

Cowboy On The Run

Years ago Nate Walker left home after an argument with his father and never planned to return.  However, when he found himself on a ranch for boys facing similar issues as him, he not only learned how to be a man, but also there was more to life than running.

After making a choice that reverberates around the world, Jessie Wheeler is clinging to the advice of “there is always hope.” A maxim she once told to the love of her life, Josh, after finding him in a rancid pile of garbage.