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NEW ADULT/DYSTOPIAN:  One day life was as we know it. Five years later the economy is down, the government might as well be and billions have been rendered homeless.   Carrie Ashworth has lost her parents and is left with two siblings to take of - all without the papers to make her a citizen.

Marie’s World
Joe E. Legend,
Kristal McKerrington

Marie dances. It’s her life, the way she keeps sane, the infrastructure of her soul. In a life clouded with secrets, the little clarity Marie carves out for herself is precious. So, it comes as no surprise that a book written by her twin sister revealing Marie’s secrets is a danger to…everything.

Being replaced on the soccer team due to an injury sucks, as Susan Miller can attest. However, since her replacement is a cute, funny, smart boy she can’t stop thinking about, Susan has decided to forgive fate this once. Ethan is…perfect.

Proper Attire

REGENCY:  “Proper Attire” is a historic romance set during the times pirates roamed the seas and the mighty British Navy dealt with them. Julia Scott decides to escape marriage to an elderly man and the tyranny of her stepmother by fleeing to her Uncle’s estate in the West Indies.

A Family Affair

Lady Francesca Darling is in love with her uncle's best friend. In fact, she’s been in love with Devlin since she was five years old. Now that she’s eighteen, all she needs to do is convince Devlin. Unfortunately, Devlin isn’t on board with the plan.