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In a future earth similar to the early 1800s, a great cataclysm has rewritten the world. The inhabited lands are carefully policed by tiers of government agencies. Sean Blackbain is among “the ranked”, a privileged guardian citizen, and head of an elite team of intelligence operatives. His genetic ability to sense emotions makes him a Sympath, and skilled at reading people.

Drea lives in a perfect world, except for the wall. The fifteen-foot barrier is there to keep her safe, just like the Protectors patrolling her clean and orderly little world. There is no crime, no violence, and no strife, but Drea can feel the wrongness in every perfectly timed aspect of her life, right down to the wristwatch that logs her every movement.

To Unite a Realm

Vera was raised in the civilized, science-based town of Campbell amongst the other educated communities of the conquered lands. As the youngest daughter of the Chancellor, she has fewer responsibilities than her sister, and more time to devote to the growing rebellion. Angus is the son of the Chief and future ruler of the United Realm.

Summer Pierce is the effervescent, perpetually helpful and happy librarian who wants to help everyone; especially the mysterious Nordic god of a man that comes into her library and hides behind book forts he builds, doing who knows what. His refusal to let Summer help him do anything drives her crazy, but she keeps trying, determined to one day get behind the walls of his book fort.

Millicent Winthrop, her husband Alfredo Martolini, and their two Boston Terrier detectives, Holmes and Watson, are hot on the trail of another mystery! Mr. Smythe, their boss, and a retired Scotland Yard detective, has enlisted the help of Millicent and her crew to find Brian, a goalie who has disappeared in Germany.