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Myrtle, Frank, and Abigail are back in action in the fourth installment of the Spookie Town Murder Mysteries. This time, the mystery comes at a cost that has Myrtle running scared. When Myrtle’s sister Evelyn goes missing, Myrtle is convinced that a coven of witches from her past has kidnapped her —maybe even killed her —  because Myrtle stole their Grimoire over sixty years ago.

Call of the Morrigú

HISTORICAL:  Theodosia Latimer and her grandfather Reginald are determined to excavate an ancient mound located on their estate and discover its secrets. When the dust settles in the cave they have unearthed, they are shocked to discover a centuries-old warrior goddess named Morrigú. In order to protect the goddess, Theodosia and Reginald take her back to their home.

Ella is a witch with a smart mouth that gets her in trouble more often than not.  Unadvisedly, she tells Baba Yaga, the most powerful witch in the world, that she won’t obey orders to date a shifter. She then adds that Baba’s flamboyant and beloved wardrobe is ghastly. Bad idea. After a year of being stripped of her powers and exiled to live with mortals, Ella is ready to go home.

Lily has recently sold her company. With her friend Maggie, she heads out on a dream vacation to cruise the Italian coast. The trip should give her time to relax and figure out the next phase of life. The problem is, she has no clue what that might be.  On the night before boarding, Lily dances with a handsome man named Zander but is rebuffed when she tries to kiss him.

WESTERN:  Missy Marino has been the manager of Steeple Ridge, a 40-acre horse farm, since she was a young woman, so when it is sold to big city, big business hot shot Tucker Jenkins she is devastated. Her short marriage left her heartbroken and in debt, and she fears her dream of owning the farm is beyond her reach.