Recent Reviews

The Faerie Guardian

FANTASY:  When humans need saving from dangerous magical creatures Guardian fae like seventeen-year-old Violet Fairdale are the ones to do it.  Vi is about to become the best the Guild has seen in years, until the cute boy she rescues follows her home.

Between Boyfriends

Jan Weston is the daughter of wealthy parents in this New Adult Women’s Fiction. When Jan's boyfriend dumps her, she is devastated, taking to the comfort of her bed. To add insult to injury, her mother discovers that Jan has left her studies at San Diego State University and promptly disowns her.

The Texas Cowboy

WESTERN:  Victoria Baker, or Vicky, as she prefers to be called, is visiting Dallas, Texas from England. In the USA for the first time, she is meeting her long lost cousin, Laura, wife of the wealthy David Hanson.  Down-to-earth Vicky struggles to enjoy her visit, with its expensive shopping sprees and tight scheduling.

Wake for Me

Viola Bellerose is the 19 year-old daughter and only child of a wealthy winery baron. Displaying the typical diva mentality, when her rock-star boyfriend breaks up with her she lashes out by making out with a complete stranger then crashing her car.

Home Again, Home Again

Tina McCoy is returning to her home on Pitcairn Island as an aircraft engineer for the thriving tourist trade. Though she is anxious to see her family and friends after being away for six years at school, she dreads facing her old boyfriend, Connor Brown who in turn still has feelings for her.