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Forrest Winters is a federal fire marshal in the Great Smoky Mountains. He lives on Bandit Lake in Green Valley, and has been a part of the community his whole life. He knows nearly everyone, and they know him. This can be positive, and it can also be intrusive.

PARANORMAL: Lucas Pepper is an accountant on leave from a prestigious firm in Melbourne. He is visiting the small town of Lemon Tree Bay on the southeast coast of Australia, while he helps his Uncle Hugo transition his own accounting firm, getting it in shape to sell.

Lord Evan Corbyn oversees the spy network for England; however, although he is the son of a duke, his family believes he is a lowly grunt worker. They are embarrassed that he works for a living. Lady Jane Radcliff has two brothers who have secrets; she is curious about them—which leads her into danger at times. She’s independent and smart, and she doesn’t want to marry ‘just’ to marry.

The 58th Street Library in New York City is a prominent, respected branch of the New York Library system. But the 11 main characters who work in the branch lead very tumultuous lives. This story follows these 11 coworkers as secrets are revealed and kept. Working together, their lives often intertwine not just at work but in recreation too.

Casey L.

FANTASY: Cauldron is a town made up of witches covens. Each coven has its own magical specialty. But several of Cauldron’s covens have been hiding secrets. As these secrets start to be revealed the delicate balance of the town begins to unravel putting the entire town in danger. Castor is a witch whose life for so long has revolved around keeping her secret.