Recent Reviews

More Precious Than Gold

Louisa White’s situation has changed for the worst over the past year since her father died and left her family with little but faith in the Lord.

WESTERN:  Jennifer OMalley gets the shock of her life when she spots former love Glen Herrington in Libby Prison.

After eating from the Tree of Eternal Life, Max Wright has been imprisoned and tortured for nine long years, along with two of his dearest friends. His only goal is to protect himself and his fellow prisoners. When a stunningly beautiful angel appears out of nowhere, he is drawn to her like a moth to a flame.

Black Magic Man

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Solange Esnard (Lange) is happily married to Rupert. While waiting outside for her husband one day, she comes upon a man who disturbs her, makes her uncomfortable and has a sense of cruelty about him. When he enters her personal space and she asks him to leave, he refuses.

Meagan is an investigative reporter who has stumbled upon material for a series of stories that will make her career. A.J. is a hitman for The Magic Shop, the name of a conglomerate that has interests in prison breaks, drug dealing, and prostitution. Their paths cross when A.J. is sent to give her a message to lay off the stories about The Magic Shop before she gets killed.