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WESTERN:  When Marlena Beauregard’s dream of becoming an opera singer materializes, she immediately jumps, even though it means leaving her home, family and friends in the West to study amidst Boston’s high society.  It doesn’t take long

Kate Berlin is working hard to establish a name for herself in the incredibly competitive world of sports agents.  So, when the opportunity to represent the famous, yet hot-headed baseball star, Nick Rome, lands in her lap, how can she r

WOMEN'S FICTION:  It is 1965 and college student Sophie Carrieri is determined to fulfill her life-long dream of going to Cornell graduate school and becoming a veterinarian.  All her plans come to a standstill, however, when she meets s

Dr. Skylar Santangelo’s job is to prosecute any type of witchcraft or paranormal activity. He is in the process of writing a thesis, and needs to investigate what he believes to be true where witchcraft is concerned.

Daniela Dunn’s father has passed away in Verona, Italy and Dani must travel from California to her childhood estate called the Panther’s Lair. Her childhood home holds horrible memories - ones she is reluctant to face.