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Samantha Anderson flies to California to deal with the estate of a grandfather she never knew she had.

Marianne Dunaway, a romance writer with a lucrative career in Seattle, returns to Orcas Island on a dare from her friend.

Nobility is a thorn in the side of Lady Daisy Warren, who rejects class standings.  She chooses to live among common people while serving at an inn after a disgracing misadventure.  Secretly an author of

Friends ForNever

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Workplace relationships can be drama unto themselves, but Erin Taylor is determined to do the job she loves.  As a journalist at a fashion magazine Erin is well respected for her dedication and work.  When a workplace competition for an assignment abroad pits co-worker against co-worker Erin has no idea who to trust.

Katya Dalca knows right from wrong and has decided she no longer wants to be part of her father’s criminal activity.