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SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Running away from the impending death of her mom and the ongoing heartache caused by her ex-boyfriend, Josh, Amber manages to escape her hometown of Etobicoke, Ontario, for eighteen months. She returns home to help her father, only to end up helping Josh after finding him beaten and unconscious on the side of the road.

FANTASY:  As the bastard son of the Far Shore King, Farrow’s childhood was no walk in the park. Yearning for his father’s acceptance and respect, he takes on a deadly mission to kidnap a princess from a neighboring kingdom for torture and ransom.

Get Away Closer
S. H.

Being a rock star is exhaustive! So when Lanie Kelly returns home from her first road tour with her band Ginger Sapphire, all she desires is peace, quiet, sleep, and more sleep. Charlie Lawrence and his two dogs, Rufus and Ryder, manage to blow away all her desires when he noisily moves in next door to become her new neighbor.

Eddie lives an uncomplicated life working on a construction crew. Uncomplicated, that is, until his grandmother leaves him an inheritance he cannot receive until after he talks to his mother and takes a trip to Positano, Italy. Eddie’s mother informs him that the mean deadbeat he has known his whole life is not really his father.

After millennia as Guardian of the Fae Realm, dragon shifter Gelare feels lonely and restless.  Seeking a fresh start on Earth as a club owner named Ronald, he signs up on the "Eternal Mates" dating site to try his luck in finding a mate. Keeping her promise after her human friend finds a shifter match, Trina, an immortal nymph who lives off orgasmic energies, also signs up on the site.