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Thirty-year old spinster, Dorothea Hart, secretly lusts after prizefighter, Griffin Oake. Known in the ring as the “Mighty Oak”, Griffin is a widower with a teenage daughter.

Suddenly out of work after being let go from her Manhattan law firm, Bella Simonetti returns to her hometown to discover her parents’ business is having difficulties. Despite her own unemployment issues, Bella throws herself into helping her parents, even if it means having to put up with Dean Jackson, a not-so-fond memory from her youth.

Dentist Heaven Lee has all she’s ever wanted. Her dental practice in the small town of Dos Fuentes is thriving. She has good friends and lots of outside activities to keep her busy during the holiday season. What she doesn’t have is a man - at least not at the moment. When mechanic Jayden Lewis comes into her life, it’s purely by accident when he damages her car.

Delta Novac has one goal in mind - get the house at the lake cleared and ready to sell. There are too many bad memories there, and she has no intention of remaining any longer than she has to. However, things change when she jumps into the lake to save someone in the water.

PARANORMAL: Always been the outcast of her family, Wynona Le Doux feels like she is finally somewhere she wants to be. Her tea shop is close to opening, and as luck would have it, a body is found inside before the grand opening. The chief of police is sure that Wynona has something to do with it.