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Echoes Of Love

Chesna Dubrow, daughter of the Amatian king's advisor, vows to always love Pietor Gabris, illegitimate son of Prince Milo, moments before he leaves for St. Petersburg. Chesna will wait years for Pietor's return but when he does, he is no longer the friend of her childhood but her enemy and an officer of Bonaparte's army and before long, her husband.

To Wake the Shadows
Hannah E.

Suspense/Thriller - Horror

  Emma Gates is the beautiful daughter of a wealthy viscount. Her youth was spent playing and running with the children of neighboring estates … and wildly dancing to gypsy music in secret. Now that she is, as she says, on the shelf, she does not dance anymore. There is a reason for this, as the reader soon finds out.

Hot Number

Professor Sadie Bligh has been passed over for the prestigious mathematics award, the Eagleton Mathematics Prize... again.  In an effort to forget about that and her father’s disappointment she goes (where else?)  to Sin City.  Sadie is resolved-she’ll have fun, throw caution out of the window and make great memories, because really… what happens in Vegas...

Santa Fe Fortune

Traveling from North Carolina, Gwendolyn Marsh is keen to sell her oil paintings through the Holbrook & Holstein gallery in Santa Fe. A school teacher and aspiring artist, Gwen is desperate for funds. She’s in financial straits, as is her sister whose husband has left her with a brood of children and debts.