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Shadows of Damascus

Adam has a debt to pay.  He would have died fighting in Syria if it wasn't for the help of his friend Fadi.  He promises Fadi that if he ever needs his help, he will be there for him.  Adam is recovering from his injuries, hiding on a dairy farm in Wisconsin when the frantic call for help comes.  I

Sarah McDougall is an artist with the psychic ability to past events.  She tries to ignore her talent, but she can’t control what she sees or and when she sees it.  Everything changes when her boyfriend Raven’s Aunt Merry is kidnapped from her senior living community.  Who’d want to kidnap an eighty year-old lady?  Just about anyone - Aunt Merry used to dive for buried treasure in the ocean wat

EPIC FANTASY:  Being born female in a kingdom hoping for a male heir can make a girl feel like a huge disappointment. Princess Constance has done everything in her power to change that view. She’s traveled to distant lands, spent countless hours in study, and served her people well.

In this spinoff of the Blue Eyes Trilogy”, Devin Alexand

A Brand New Address

PARANORMAL/SUSPENSE THRILLER:  The earth is in the throes of a second Ice Age. Humanity has fled to space to survive but those too poor to leave remain on earth, desperate to survive the snow. After nuclear war destroyed any chance to live on Mars, Venus is the last hope.