Recent Reviews

Bleddyn Hall
Amanda L.V.

MYSTERY:  Isabella’s love of gothic novels gobbles up her time when she should be finding a husband. Her Aunt Jane brings her to London for the season, where she becomes friends with Selina. Dark-eyed Tresham draws Isabella’s interest.

Fractured Glass
Tia Silverthorne Bach, Casey L Bond, N.L. Greene,
Jo Michaels, Kelly Risser

SCI-FI/ANTHOLOGY:  “Fractured Glass” is the story of teenage twins, Sloan & Harley Glass. It opens in contemporary United States with the twins discovering they might move again.

Proportional Response

A modern day terrorist plot by one of China’s Chairmen, Keung Yang, has plotted to cripple America and launch China to the forefront of becoming the world’s super power.

Freshly divorced, Anna James sets out for New Orleans to rebuild and start her life afresh, never expecting to run into the nameless dream man she’s fantasized about for five long years. Thanks to a little intervention, Cade Le Beau is about to get his second chance at finding his mate.

MOTORCYCLE CLUB:  Needing to break free of her comfort zone, a girl’s night out is just what the doctor ordered when Juliette tosses the idea out to her friends. When they stumble into a local club, Juliette is instantly locked in Shooter’s crosshairs.