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Josh Kincaid and his family own the business, “Sweet Dreams Snack Cake World”  but the empire is very close to going under. His adopted parents saved his life, took him off the streets and gave him a home, love and respect.

The Assassin’s Kiss
J. A.

Nate Taylor is an assassin…a minor detail he never told his estranged wife, Julia. Now Julia is ready to remarry, and she wants to throttle Nate in the worst way because he won’t sign their annulment papers.

Present-time Egypt: Omar Zagouri is on a mission. His job is to find a missing, priceless artifact - the Book of the Dead - a book that someone is willing to kill for.

Her Executive Protector

Many years ago, Sam Barstow and Madigan (Maddie) Moran dated in high school, and have never really forgotten each other.

Melanie is a young American biographer on a mission to find the one thing that has eluded her her entire life: why did her father leave?