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SCI-FI:  “Overload Flux” is part of the Central Galactic Concordance series, and takes place in another universe where various humans have developed psychic skills. The ruling hierarchy often exploits these skills, which is why Mairwen Morganthur keeps her talent under the radar.

PARANORMAL/MYSTERY/REGENCY:  “A Scorching Dilemma” is book two in the Rue Alliance series. This Regency tale takes place in Victorian London. The Rue Alliance is a group of shifters who hang together, but keep day jobs to prevent using their skills for evil.

Anything for a Cowboy

Veterinarian and workaholic Jacy Weston has little time for finding love, so she sets up a profile on an online site in hopes of finding a man who will help to overcome her lack of experience when it comes to the opposite sex. Ray Mitchell has overcome an emotional roller-coaster of a divorce and has no interest in finding a relationship.

Beyond the Horizon
Wanda Kay

Katie Sullivan is tired of being a punching bag for her shady boyfriend, so she runs away to a remote town in Kansas hoping that she'll never be found.

WESTERN/ADVENTURE:  Aleksandra is left between a rock and a hard place when she discovers her fur trapper father dead, his body abandoned high in the mountains.  She must now protect a family secret - with her life if necessary - from both Cossack arms master, Vladimir, and