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Luxury Model Wife

Victoria Van Orr didn’t have much growing up, but when she fell in love with a widowed billionaire, his social circle felt he had landed a “Luxury Model Wife”.  His passing meant she had choices to make.  Victoria wanted to honor him and elegantly auction his collection of art.  Carlson’s Antiques had helped establish this vast collection and who better to help her dispose of it?  However, her

On A Gamble

Returning to the farm to assist her aging grandparents, Charlie Anderson finds herself swimming in work. She doubts herself at every turn but not the choice to move home.  When she advertises for part-time help, Alex McCray shows up to fill the position.

Maisy-Daisy is the artistic youngest child of a large English family who is always taken for granted.  When she visits an old friend in Nashville, she is unprepared for the sudden attraction to her friend’s brother, Nathaniel.  Nathaniel is controlled in everything his accountant self does, from ironing clothes for the week to preparing his meals in measured amounts.  He isn’t interested in any

Destiny's Plan

Raquelita Muro escapes her father's ranch with her mother and sister and boards a bus headed to a new life in Florida.

Arms of Promise

Since the death of her mother, Annabelle Madison is determined to become a dancer and independent of her daddy's money. But when her old high-school crush reappears it begins a test of her strength and resistance.  Army Ranger Sergeant Evan O'Riley is working for the District Attorney to protect his daughter, but what truly needs protection is his heart from Annabelle. Rekindling his love for h