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In Want of a Wife

Rosa and Arielle are being sent to London to snag a husband during the Season.

Glimpse Eternity
Ryan Jo

Kasey Griffin has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, but is trying to live life to the fullest in spite of that. Out on the town with friends, she meets musician Ben Salem and feels an immediate connection. When he strolls into her bookstore and asks her to dinner, she can’t believe her good fortune. She wants to fall in love, but doesn’t want to saddle Ben with her problems.

Margot Fleur doesn’t know where she belongs in the world. Her mother is dead and the man she desperately wants to call Father won’t reveal his reasons for not adopting her.

One Wrong Move

Deep undercover is where only the strong survive; one wrong move and your mission and life can be over.  DEA agent Camden Alexander had no intentions of losing either.  When Rayma walked into the renowned

Viking life was not easy for anyone, and even less desirable for those in servitude.  Sestra was a slave but had aspirations to break free.  Brandr is a complicated man who few know much about, save his l