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Emma Novak already let her broken heart come between her and the job of her dreams once. Determined not to let a second chance pass her by, she accepts the position of physical therapist for the Seattle Seahawks.

The Memory of Blue Sky

SPECULATIVE FICTION/SCI-FI/FANTASY:  The world is teetering on the edge of oblivion, its inhabitants barely existing at a time when blue skies and everything lush and verdant are long lost memories.

HISTORICAL/WESTERN:  Nichole Harris has been beaten almost to death. In fact she is so near death that Amy, her new friend, is forced to use her healing powers as well as other entities in order to save Nicole.

Between Heaven and Hell

WESTERN:  In the 1850’s Kansas Territory, circling the wagons seems the safest means for Hannah to leave the Indian Territory behind and start a new life.  Saved by the Osage tribe at an early age, Hannah learned the valuable ski

His by Design
Karen Ann

Blue Point Cove could be an artist community if Zoe Silvercreek can turn her dream of having an art gallery into reality.