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A sexual assault two decades ago shaped Veronica Sussingham’s life.

Officer Viviane Taylor and her partner, Mike, are called out to the site of a bizarre murder. The corpse is at the docks hanging upside down, with the head hanging by a sliver and the chest missing its heart.

Ferocity (The Ferocity Series)
Kayla Shown-Dean,
Preston B. Dean

DYSTOPIAN:  Abel, Judson, and Rune know no other life than living on the island in solitude with their father. Their mother was once with them, but she passed away years ago.

Five year-old JD sent a letter to Santa Claus last year asking for his deceased father to come knocking at his door, but Saint Nick never answered his letter. So this year he sends another letter asking for the same thing.

REGENCY:  Lady Hope is entering her first season in London and she has her sights set on marrying a Duke. Unfortunately, there are few Dukes who have put in an appearance so far.