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Garrett Donalson and Angela Peters have been best friends and band mates for 12 years.

Marcin Ulf is the Hungarian Wulfkin next in line to become Varlac Emperor. Marcin has spent years biding his time, growing his pack and waiting to strike his father down.

Lieutenant Lynn Johnston returns to her small home town in Kentucky after having served in the military for the last eight years.

Hearts Aflame
Nancy Morse, Anna Markland,
Jill Hughey, Catherine Kean

ANTHOLOGY:  “Hearts Aflame” is a compilation by four accomplished authors, each of whom brings something unique to the set. The books are centered on a bloodstone that is engraved with the passage, "Whoever inherits the stone will be consumed by fire". Jilly Hughey begins the compilation with “Rowan’s Legacy” set in Paris, 861 AD.

REGENCY:  Lady Charity Baxendale just wants to paint. She is not concerned about marriage because she afraid she will be forced to give up her dream of painting portraits.