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Broken Smiles

Singer/song-writer Lady Laidan has skyrocketed to fame, but she finds the trip and view from the top to be a comet too big to ride.  After collapsing on stage she decides to take a much needed break to the remote jungles of China.  Accompanied by a bodyguard and her childhood best friend, they trav

“You’ve inherited a plantation.” These are not words Emily Burns ever expected to hear. After all, her parents died years ago, leaving her an orphan with no extended family that she knew of.

Duet For Three Hands

Nathaniel Fye dedicated his life to becoming a concert pianist and all of his hard work has paid off handsomely. With a grueling touring schedule and worldwide acclaim, he should be on top of the world. That degree of devotion comes with a price, though.

WAR/PTSD:  John Parker grew up with a great respect for his Uncle Archie. When John’s country called, he walked in the same boots - paratrooper boots. He survived, but came home a different man. The culture of tie-dyed shirts and love-ins was there to greet him.

MYSTERY:  Max Damiani and Piper Ingram come together in a whirlwind of death and suspense when Piper’s father is murdered, and she and her little brother are whisked into Max's arms.