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A coming-of-age tale of Liv, a young Viking warrior who swears to avenge the death of her parents and brother. Left for dead, she prays for help from the Gods. However, being left alive isn’t at all what she expected. Yet, she’s determined to kill the evil Ferris Wolf, and to do so, she must join forces with another clan.

The Difference
Anxiety is a real thing and can be debilitating. Mix that with being a psychotherapist and you’re likely prone to even more self-analysis. Unfortunately, those very traits are playing havoc with Rachel Granza’s life. Not just with her job but with her boyfriend, Brian, and her family. Needing to discover herself and her roots, she and Brian set out on a trip to Italy.
Priscilla Livingston is a woman who shuns the aristocracy in favor of helping the poor and uses surprisingly adept covert moves to do it. Edmund Hawkins, the Duke Bradenton, is as arrogant and demanding as one might expect in a Regency romance. Yet, with a heart of gold and equal concern for the poor with the means to help, even from the shadows.

Vee is a badass defender against an army of lethally dangerous cryptids. Raised and trained to serve The Company, she’s well equipped to kick butt but has no idea how to share herself and her heart. Bruce is an arrogant, talented, handsome chef whose star is on the rise. He lives life on the edge, including his love life.

DNF: Night Marked has received a DNF from us due to the nature of it's content (MMF/Menage) which violates our steam guidelines.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick