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Love's In Store
Tracy C.

CHRISTIAN:  “Love's In Store” captures the sweet ‘magic’ of unrequited love between two high school students, separated by a horrific car accident that leaves Tamlin in the hospital with the poss

FANTASY:  A heroic tale of chivalry with an evil dragon, a kingdom in peril, and a strapping young hero named Tyler.

Carrie Jorgenson follows her boyfriend to Hawaii for love and to escape a less than ideal home environment in Vermont.

Stuck with Me

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Adam has been “offered” a chance to write a non-sports article about a woman he’s never met to determine if happiness and optimism are inherent traits or a choice. Through a fake contest win, Molly is sent on a tropical island getaway.

Escape Velocity

Georgia has been living in her car in Silicon Valley while trying to land a job decent enough to let her take her sister from her mother and her creepy male friend, so she has a chance to escape t