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When Sarah meets Matt on a European coach tour, the unexpected happens and they become involved. However, their relationship is a fake - Sarah is trying to make her cheating ex-husband jealous and Matt is far too busy for a real relationship. The more time they spend together, the more the relationship seems to be taking on a very real life of its own.

Deputy Jolie Murdoch wasn't expecting her first big case to turn into a murder.

Julia Walker broke Dr. Ethan Sullivan's heart twenty-two years ago and now they have been reunited. Despite his initial reservations and Julia's guilt, it seems their old feelings for one another have not dissipated and there is a lot of passion still there. As they become close and dare to give into their passion, secrets and lies from their past threatens to ruin what they have now.

A descendant of Louis XVI, Marie Josette d'Orgemont has already had to endure watching her husband die at the hands of a horrific creature moments before it turned on her.

Lauren Hall's Christmas wish is to build a no-kill animal shelter. Her way to do it involves daring Gabe Nicholson to do a strip tease. Gabe, in turn, is hoping he gets his dream job. Now he is getting ready to perform a strip tease for the local knitting society. Who knew Lauren's fundraiser would cause a scandal, or that both she and Gabe would have to deal with the consequences?