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The Fountain of Youth has had people searching for centuries for its healing waters that grant eternal life.

Newlyweds Jessica Faraday and Murphy Thornton decide that a second honeymoon is in order.

Layla eyes Damian across the room at a party and her friend Christina encourages her to speak to him. They hit it off immediately and have great chemistry. They see each other in secret for a short time - Layla is falling in love but not sure how to deal with it - and then he's gone. Damian and his abrupt departure without a word was devastating and took Layla some time to get over.

CHICK-LIT:  Zara is in for a surprise when she flies to New York and the flight is detoured to Denver. Leaving her family in Australia to spend the holiday with her long-distance boyfriend is a big step, but she quickly learns to make the best of her situation after meeting Kyle.

Lady Isabella

HISTORICAL:  Isabella Stuart is the daughter of an Earl, with all the expectations associated with her rank forced down her throat by her parents.