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Gather the Bones

The aftermath of the Great War (World War I) – thousands upon thousands of men have died, leaving behind families torn asunder by loss. The entire world is recovering from the unimaginable tragedy. And in that time this story is set.

Evie’s Knight

Meet Evie -  eighteen, burdened with her mother’s abandonment, beautiful…and fascinated with Calvin Knight.  Now meet Calvin - strong, brave, handsome…and plagued with a terrible curse that endangers the girl he would come to love.

A Timeless Romance Anthology: Winter Collection
Sarah M. Eden, Heidi Ashworth Annette Lyon
Joyce DiPastena Donna Hatch, Heather B. Moore

These six romantic shorts are deliciously crafted to allow the reader a visit to Ireland, England, Utah, and New York from as early as the 1100's to the early 1900's!  Each short takes the reader on a mini Christmas vacation to the past, its mystical beauty and imaginative romance.

Reed Jackson returned from the Civil War a changed man, physically and emotionally. Losing his left leg below the knee and with an injured right leg, Reed is confined to a wheelchair.  The promise of a fiancée and inheriting his parents' prosperous Southern plantation have both been turned over to his healthy, younger brother.


At sixteen Amarilla (Rilla) Ray was convinced she was in love with the much older Garth Nash. Having grown up together on the Triple R Ranch, Rilla's father, Brandon was as much Garth's father as hers. Brandon taught Garth all he knows about ranching and rodeo. When Garth left ten years ago to compete on the rodeo circuit, Rilla's heart was broken.