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It only stands to reason that when Emily Midsommer’s father decides to get married that a Midsummer Dreams party in celebration is needed.

Reagan “Rae” Storm has led a turbulent life.  After being disowned by her family and shunned by the city, she finds herself thrown into the Witness Protection program after she witnesses a double murder.  However, she can’t assum

As Weekends Go

Rebecca is overwhelmed with married life; her husband is more distant than he has ever been. She chalks it up to him being stressed with an upcoming work conference.


Maddi Brooks likes her routine; it's predictable and doesn't open her up to having relationships with anyone. She likes spending her time making jewelry and selling it with the occasional run for exercise.

Amber has been struggling to keep her recently discovered powers at bay. She is concerned that she has the potential to hurt the ones she loves the most.