Recent Reviews

Time of the Draig
Lisa Dawn

TIME TRAVEL:  Physicist Major Samantha Sykes wants to save the world from destruction. In order to do that, she must travel back through time to ensure that UNK5oo is never found.

PARANORMAL:  Alayna Worth is an Elemental Water-Wielder who wants nothing more than to control her powers and live a normal life.

WOMEN'S FICTION:  Annah-Belle Henderson casts a love spell, never expecting the young nephew of her best friend would be the Prince Charming the spell provides her with. But Eric Ashworth has a face gods can only dream of. He’s charming, intriguing, and everything Annah-Belle wants in a man. He’s also twenty years younger than she is, and that’s not the only obstacle they’ll have to conquer.

Dark Vortex
Stella Marie Alden,
Chantal Seabrook

Jack Fialko is the leader of a clan of witches. If the clan is to survive, he needs to mate with a witch as powerful as he is – and Zoe matches that description.

BLACK COMEDY:  Haszard is an anesthetic and recovery practitioner who dabbles in solving mysteries.