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PARANORMAL:  Sadie Tabors didn’t ask to be The Dark Sorceress, nor did she ask to be a participant in the Sorcerer Wars.

All Lizzy Guirdy wants is for this day to finally end. The nursing home is increasing her payments, her boyfriend cleaned her out and to top it all off her boss won’t give her the raise she deserves. Why? Because today’s editorial by local newspaperman Martin Taylor’s paints a terrible picture of Lizzy’s boss, the mayor, and degrades her while he is at it.

Jigsaw (Black Raven Book 2)

When life separated Samantha Dickson Fairfax and Zeus Hernandez seven years ago she thought never to see him again.

Beyond the Screen Door
Julia Diana

CNF:  This book was not reviewed due to a subject matter and genre that InD'tale does not review. 

Mary-Nancy Smith

Rissa Daniels and Spencer St. George want to have a normal relationship - but their families want to keep them apart and they are targeted by a madman.