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Dangerous Gentlemen

Growing up in the shadow of her beautiful older sister, Henrietta has contented herself with watching Araminta capture the attentions of London at every ball.  That is, until Sir Aubrey is caught between them.  While Araminta has set her sights on him, Hetti inadvertently caught his attention, and to her surpr

Stained Script: A Prison Song Story
Aw’struck etuk

CNF:  Readers who have a difficult time excusing unsatisfactory sentence structure will find this tale impossible to navigate.

Biloxi Dutrey has traveled the world as a renowned photographer and has decided its time to go back to her family home, Fleur de Lis.

Imperfect Love

Lauren and Paul appear to be a loving and compatible couple living in Denver, Colorado. Paul is an attorney at his father's law firm and Lauren is a middle school English teacher. Paul works many long hours and does not come home until very late the night that Lauren wants to surprise him and share her big news.

Its not easy loving a ski god; especially one who takes risks that puts his life on the line for the next big thrill... and the next. Bell is arguably the best extreme skier in the world.