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In the 1850’s, sixteen-year old Edward Jarvis Tenney started corresponding with his cousin Lizzie Andrews. Lizzie at the time is a mere fourteen years old, and she and Edward are cousins only by marriage.

Alexandra Lauren Knight has shed the big city lights and her modeling career and has now become Lauren Taylor - and she likes it that way. New look, new life. She’s living the life she wants, restoring cars…yes, woman do that sort of thing, and spending time with her adorable son Drew.

On his death bed, Irish princess Brighit MacNaughton’s father directs her from the safety of her family to a convent in faraway England to swear a celibate oath. When she is abandoned to strangers, Brighit must rely on her wits and will to persevere.

Three years into her oncology practice, Doctor Brynn Douglas is overwhelmed by school loans and delivering bad news.  Seemingly out of the blue, she’s offered a deal that can’t be refused - join billionaire Carl Belamar as his personal physician, treat him for multiple myeloma and he’ll wipe away a

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  When Camilla Sweeten looks up from her closing arguments, her eyes immediately land on a handsome stranger. Thrown off her game and stammering in front of the county’s toughest judge as well as her boss, she fears her chance at a much-coveted promotion is lost.