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Cord Brennan, a seasoned US Marshal, has a new mission: he is escorting a federal prisoner, William Hayes, from Texas to Wallace, Kansas. William Hayes is Dr. Flexners’ guinea pig for a blood transfusion test. Harriet McQuade, aka Harrie, is busy tending to her herd of cows on her ranch.

For her failure to conform to the rules of the StoneHold Giant community, Brianna Mineshaker finds herself within the walls of Harmony School. The school trains the hardheaded adolescents from three races: humans, dryads, and giants. Once a victim of bullying, she is determined to find her place in this new community. The truth couldn’t be further away.

HISTORICAL: In a mystical land of magic and demons, Megan, lady-in-waiting and best friend to Queen Cassidy was kidnapped within sight of castle Rogue Stone while picking healing herbs for the Elite warriors. Her Queen, King Hawk, and the rest of the Elite Warriors are distressed to learn that she has been mistaken for Queen Cassidy herself.

HISTORICAL: In ancient Scotland, the King has command of an elite guard of warriors, imbued with the spirit of the wolf, who are dangerous and feared. Rorik from the House of MacNeil is a member of this brotherhood of wolves, whose expertise in charm and persuasion has earned him the moniker of Dark Seducer. Think of him as a 13th century James Bond.

No one likes to be kept in the dark, especially when the dark can be hiding terrible secrets. Holly Ellison misses her best friend, Tess Edwards. Sure, they stay in touch, but lately Tess and her family have been acting strangely around Holly and that hurts more than she would like to admit.