Recent Reviews

The Road to Comfort

Juliette St. James has the summer off from teaching.  After sending her son and new daughter- in-law off on their honeymoon she decides on a spontaneous road trip. What she did not count on was her car breaking down in a cornfield, smack dab in the middle of Tornado Alley, Nebraska.

Brilliant Disguise
Mary Anne

Marian Selby is heartbroken when her next-door neighbor dies and the death is later ruled a suicide.  A widow for over a decade, Marian still fears losing another loved one, and she had bonded with her troubled neighbor Dianne.

Hearts in Ruin

ADVENTURE/SUSPENSE:  Andrea Hollister’s plans to finish off her PhD work with a final dig are fumbled when her adviser takes the summer off and hands his dig over to Dr.

The Last Vampire Standing
de Vissage

In the fifteenth century Vlad Chemare launched a rebellion against the evil Domnitor. It failed, and he was buried alive. It took him six hundred years to get rescued and recover.

No Chance in Hell

Chris Holland’s life has turned into a nightmare. Not only did she find the body of her brutally-killed sister, but the murderer is now stalking her. Since the police can’t help, she turns to Lost and Found, Inc. for help.