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PARANORMAL: Jareth Hale hates the tropical island he is stranded on but hates the locals even more. They are quite annoying, especially when they trespass on his property. Thank goodness, he has his friends to talk to via Facetime. No one is more surprised than he is when his attention is drawn to Laiken or Lake to his friends. He is so not his type.

SCI-FI: Titan Valentino, also known as Tai, is a gender-neutral courtesan. They are approached by a wealthy man looking to loosen up his very tightly-wound fiancée. Tai can’t pass up the job because they need the money. Aisha Malik never agreed to an engagement. She has worked very hard in her field and doesn’t plan to give any of it up.

MEMOIR: Fredrick Douglass Reynolds was born November 5th, 1961 in Detroit. The 1960s were a very turbulent time, especially as a Black child. His great-grandfather was enslaved, and he grew up with racism around every turn. He began to push his luck with the law. After serving some time in Juvenile Detention, he decided to change his life and joined the Marines.

The Patricia’s Wish vessel is co-captained by Branko, who is learning as he goes, and Mayda, a vampire who is restricted to the night shift, as the sun will scorch her. Branko loves Mayda and she is affectionate towards him, but she has only recently escaped from her husband who sold her to the medical community in America. She seeks freedom to be herself!

Opal De Petras has opened her home for an afternoon tea party, easing herself back into society. She has sheltered herself for seven years, ever since her husband left without a word. Today is the day Jasper is legally declared dead. A disturbance in the hallway reveals Jasper, her misplaced husband! Opal’s emotions are mixed. Why is he making an appearance now?