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The Heart Knows

Lauren, widowed mother of two, realizes that it is finally her time to be her own person. Upon discovering that her deceased husband spent their life savings she decides a new start is in order. She returns to Seattle and purchases an established catering company, complete with established clients.

STEAMPUNK:  Bayla Gideon, a bluestocking widow, is content to exist in her achives.  Blessed (or cursed, depending on how you look it it) with the all-seeing eye, she soon discovers her fate leads in a more adventurous direction.

Social Death

Cornelia Shaw, better known as Clyde to her friends, has made her job in television news her life.

Shari J.

Chloe Valcourt is a very special young lady, trapped by her mother who deems that she is only protecting her invalid daughter. Chloe knows she is not mentally ill, but cannot make anyone believe her, until she meets Alex in her drift and he brings her into the light of their unique reality.

Dream Family (Dreams #4)

After years of handling her dream-walking talent (and weathering many traumas because of it) Sara feels confident in her strength. Especially since she has so many loved ones to stand with her. But when she is arrested on false charges, her life turns upside down.