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It’s been two years since Grace’s husband, the Earl of Wenning, abandoned his bride on their wedding night with no warning. When Grace awakes the morning after her nuptials, she’s alone and in the midst of a full-blown scandal, while her husband travels abroad on a diplomatic mission. Refusing to bow to the ton’s judgement, or her grief, Grace builds a new life for herself.

In a last-ditch effort to save her two-year relationship, Cozette Fay attempts to spice things up with a sexy Mrs. Claus outfit. Instead of being aroused, James is worried he’ll miss his morning run. Embarrassed and upset, she packs up what will fit in her suitcase and marches out into the freezing streets of NYC.

The Thief and the Noble

Lady Marian Russell should be the catch of the season. She’s young, beautiful, and has a substantial dowry. However, she’s been disillusioned with the gap between the rich and poor and is determined to right this imbalance. If only she knew how! When she stumbles across a thief who claims to steal from the rich to give to the poor, Marian is sure she’s found the answer.

Do opposites really attract? Summer and Brock find out for themselves. Summer Graham is like a ray of sunshine to all those around her. She’s a spunky, fun loving, up for anything, people person, admissions recruiter at the local college. Brock McMillan is not any of that. Brock is a list maker, a perfectionist, and a planner who happens to work in the same admissions office as Summer.

The Enigma Threat
Charles Breakfield and
Rox Burkey

This is a chilling tale that includes some futuristic elements interspersed with some current technological realities and possibilities. As the story begins, ICABOD, the R-Group’s supercomputer in Zurich, is under attack for the crime of being a supercomputer.