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Elira, a young sky warrior on the Cloud of Empyrea is grieving the death of her second in command, Aderyn. She’s now on a mission to avenge Aderyn’s death by killing The Shark, a leading sea warrior in a war with the sky. When Elira is chosen by the Goddess Neera to end the Great War, everyone’s eyes are on her to succeed.

Tuscan Time

TIME TRAVEL: After she’s transported back to 1902 through a painting in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, Gabriella D’Angelo, a chef from an Italian restaurant in Chicago, finds herself in a dire situation in Tuscany, Italy before she is miraculously saved by the handsome John (Jack) Henry Langsford.

Jace Lancaster (a spy who normally uses the last name of Langston) is in the midst of meeting an ‘asset’ at a restaurant, when he encounters Mackenzie MacNeil having a cringe-worthy date.

Set in 1816, this book is filled with rich detail and intriguing characters. Lady Harriet Manning (Hattie) is practicing to be a physician. Her father, a well-known doctor, has been training her at his side for years. Now she can do much of what he can do. When Asheton, Earl of Lockford, is injured by his horse, he is taken to the clinic where Lady Harriet is working.

House of Secrets: Every Room Holds a Story
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ANTHOLOGY: Like The Twilight Zone of years past, this audiobook will leave listeners thinking about these stories long after the book is complete. Some of these 26 stories will force readers to reevaluate their perception of a situation. Secrets are everywhere and can sometimes harm others; sometimes they harm self; but rarely do they harm none.