Recent Reviews

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  New Orleans is a city with a lot of haunting activity. Trudy Tucker and Levi Wolfe are psychics hunting a serial killer who has been killing for over ten years. The person they believe responsible is paralyzed and one of the murders has occurred after their paralysis.

TIME TRAVEL:  Zane Rossington, Marquess of Seabrooke, is cynical and bored — and believes there is no such thing as love. His attitude begins to change, however, when he finds Lady Callista Lyon in his conservatory at his annual masquerade ball. Lady Callista is determined to have her revenge but in doing so finds herself in a deadly situation.

Helena has always had visions.  She has kept this ability a secret, fearing the reaction of others. When her latest warns that her own life is in danger she escapes to the Highlands. Logan MacKenzie is the one to rescue Helena from a snowstorm.  He has vowed to protect her,  and his feelings for her deepen as time goes on.

An Unsuitable Duchess

Ann Sinclair is an independent-minded young woman with skills in healing.  After the death of her guardian, she travels to London to live with his sister as was the custom in those days.  Ann’s birth and parentage are shrouded in mystery, which makes her an unsuitable match in English Society back in the 1800’s.

TIME TRAVEL:  Lissy de Luca has hidden herself from the world after a love affair gone wrong, but the past has a way of catching up with those who seek to forget.  Lissy is researching an artists' commune at Sea Scarr Hall, abandoned since 1905. The place fascinates her, and it comes complete with a lonely figure walking the beach at night carrying a gun.