Reviews - Contemporary

No Going Back

If there is one place a person can go to in order to lay low, it’s New Hampshire. Ari Milbanke hopes to use just that, moving to a sleepy town called Leith’s Common, in order to give her daughters a normal, quiet life as far away from their father and the madness that is Hollywood.  Then she discovers a ghost and meets Sam Beauchamp and a quiet life no longer seems like an option.

Who Has the Heart?


Bayou Born

Life is hard and sometimes it tries to eat you alive, that’s how Branna Lind feels. She was raised to be a proper Southern Lady but when she finds out her fiancé cheated on her not once but many times. Now she desperately needs a change. Canceling her wedding, she takes a job at a College several states away from her family.

FANTASY  Nicholas is a dragon trained to study humans, but his attachment has gotten him into some trouble.  He lost his mate, and his objectivity,  then spent the next thousand year trying to figure out what went wrong.  When a human stumbles into his cave in North Texas, there are things about her th