Reviews - Contemporary

Ella—Cynderella Jones—built a successful cleaning business, Dirty Damsels, from the ground up. It’s her baby. So, when one of her workers can’t clean a top client’s condo, and no other girl is available, Ella leaps into action. While cleaning the Condo’s fireplace, sooty face and all, Ella is interrupted by the most gorgeous stranger imaginable, Buddy Prince.

Riding Hard

When it comes to rotten luck with women, Dodge sits at the top of that list. A beloved brother in his biker family – Dave ‘Dodge’ Roth has baggage: debts raked up by his ex and the stresses of being the single parent to a traumatized three-year-old Cullen. When a beautiful, smart, hot woman moves into the house across the road, Dodge finds it hard to ignore his attraction.

Kissing on Third
Heather B. Moore, Rebecca Connolly,
Sophia Summers

Baseball has given Levi Cox a purpose and a means of providing for his kid brother.  Since childhood, he has been his brother's protector, and as a consequence, he has a quick temper and a bad reputation. Finley Gray comes from a broken home and even though her father is loving and supportive, the gap left by her runaway mother has left its scars.

Cooperative Lives

LITERATURE:  With a preface, a cast of more than one dozen featured characters, and four parts, “Cooperative Lives” is a morality play rendered in novel form. Set in an affluent co-op apartment building on Central Park South in New York City, residents’ complicated personal and professional lives overlap and implode.

Ryan Collins seems to have it all. As a successful photographer, he has the money and lifestyle many only dream of. Emily is settling into her new home, left to her by her Aunt Millie, while continuing to work on her sketches. As Ryan and Emily stumbled upon their towns’ dirty little secrets, both of their lives are temporarily put on hold until they can testify.