Beth's ten year marriage is ending.  Her husband's numerous infidelities have recently come to light, and she is now dealing with feelings of inadequacy and loss.  Even though her family thinks that she should stick by her philandering spouse, she has a tight-knit group of girlfriends who offer their support and a sexy new neighbor named Peter, who helps to lift her spirits.  The two spend a lot of time combining their hobbies of photography and gardening.  All of that one-on-one time leads to a few longing looks, but each knows that Beth's looming divorce isn't a good time for new love. Beth's wonderful group of wacky friends must be her rock during the hard months ahead

This book shows the all-too-common heartache that accompanies divorce, but also the wonderful blessing and strength that good friends can provide. While most of the story has a chick-lit feel, Peter lends a bit of a romantic flair. However, they all have their own stories going on and sometimes Beth's journey gets pushed to the background. With four additional points of view, it sometimes becomes a rather convoluted storyline.  Nor is the depth of the friendship between these women readily apparent because none of their interpersonal history is brought to light.  Their friendship is told rather than felt. When Peter and Beth finally show their romantic feelings, there is a noticeable lack of sensuality and chemistry between them, making the sex feel awkward and out of place. There are also quite a few editing issues and many unresolved conflicts at the end of the story, giving it an unfinished feel and a rushed wrap up. Such nice characters that just need more depth and attention! 

Nicole Duke