Yours, Mine, and Ours


When Robin loses her job as a dance instructor and reluctantly agrees to nanny for the very seismologist who made her lose her it, the last thing she expects is to have three biological children with him!  But that's just the situation that comes to light - Robin discovers that Flint is also the father of triplets born from her very own harvested eggs from back in her college days. To further complicate the situation, the attraction between them is unwanted but unmistakable.  With the help of the three meddling children and her eccentric mother, Robin soon realizes that although her carefree spirit and Flint's orderly and precise lives don't mesh well at first, she is beginning to care for this ready-made family more than she ever thought possible.


Full of random circumstance and wacky behavior, this is a romance for believers in fate!  Flint, the stoic and overly precise planner is reluctant to accept help from someone he considers so disorderly and flighty.  It’s heartening to watch Robin's cheerful attitude and sheer heart win him over.  His children are utterly precocious and add moments of laugh out loud humor, acting and reacting only as children can do; with innocent candor and goofy mistakes, they lit up this story. The relationship factor would have benefitted from some more sexual tension and awareness, and there was an added element of ghosts and spirituality that seemed to overshadow the story.  But overall, this was a sweet and lighthearted story with memorable characters.


Nicole Duke