You, Me and Sweet Tea (Redneck Fabulous Book 2)


Paisley Archer and Matt Weston had been in love for years. Their marriage was wonderful, until… Matt decided to become a pro bull rider, pull up stakes and head off into the world of rodeo. Not only did he leave his wife high and dry, but also his father and their dog Tortilla (Tilla).


Paisley has spent two years trying to leave the memories of Matt behind and get on with her life, but all that falls apart when Matt shows up unexpectedly at her door late one night. Will Paisley be able to get Matt to sign the divorce papers, and get on with her life? Will Matt’s dad ever forgive him for leaving? Will Tilla? Or, will they all be able to find forgiveness, and move forward to find the happiness they are all looking for?


Calico Daniels writes the sweetest most enjoyable novellas! Although a tad predictable, this is a quick enjoyable read, which one can devour within an afternoon. Matt is a bit arrogant, but that only adds to the conflict between Paisley and Matt. Add to this delightful tale, Tortilla aka Tilla, aka Sweet Tea…their dog. She has a tendency to steal the story, but adds so much humor and enjoyment. Curl up with a cup of tea or hot cocoa, revel in the wonderment of Big Creek and its characters!


Lynne Bryant