A Year to Remember

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Sara Friedman is 29 years old and desperate to find her soul mate. So much so, that after imbibing a little too much at her younger brother’s wedding, she offers the toast, and vows to find her one true love, and marry by the age of 30. Unbeknownst to Sara, a video of her drunken toast ends up on YouTube and becomes a viral sensation within days. She is soon contacted by numerous media stations who want to chronicle the hunt for her soul mate.
Thus begins Sara’s journey into the world of online dating, with the help of her lifelong friend Missy, a lesbian who has secret crush issues of her own. They set up Sara’s online profile, and she begins to enter the dating pool. After dating numerous rejects, she meets two men who are right up her alley, but Adam Goldman, her brother’s best friend, keeps popping up, and she doesn’t understand her arousal for someone she doesn’t even like. Will she find the one who is her soul mate, or have to settle just to meet her goal?
Sara’s low self esteem and lack of self confidence grates on one’s nerves after awhile, and can be somewhat depressing. The saving grace however, is the self discovery that Sara, Melissa, and Adam go through, to find the person they each want to be, and the happiness they deserve. Shelly Bell is a talented writer, and does a wonderful job of taking one’s emotions on a roller coaster ride.
Tonya Smalley