A Year of Firsts (Second Chances, Book 1)

Syd Cavanaugh promised her late husband she’d take a road trip after his death. With the support of her grown daughters, she makes a list of things she wishes to do or try in her “year of firsts”. Then an unplanned detour lands her in Fallen Soldier, Pennsylvania, where she meets former television journalist and current newspaper editor Clay McAlister. A heart attack forced Clay to reconsider his hectic lifestyle and brought him to live in a small town near family. Syd is just passing through; Clay can’t promise the lovely widow a future. But interest and a great deal of “like” lingers between them. As Syd’s personal journey brings her closer to Clay, a relationship might just be a first neither of them expected.
A sweet midlife romance, “A Year of Firsts” presents a cute story that is part romance and part journey of self-discovery. While Syd is older than the typical heroine of a self-discovery story, she perfectly portrays the idea that life is full of change, and it’s never too late to learn more about yourself. The story further explores the idea of balance between romance and life, career and family. The conflicts in the story are minor and the plot is mostly driven by small choices and conversations between Syd, Clay, and their friends and family. Yet, despite the simple plot, it engages the reader and provides the perfect story for after a hard day that requires an easy read and a happy ending.
Sarah E Bradley